Monday, April 13, 2009

Sponsored Children

Winnie Mmboga
D.O.B 19/11/05
Tribal Group: Luhya

Winnie started attending SOH in 2009 when she was 4 yrs old. Her mother had recently passed away from an HIV related cause. Her father was out of work and also had remarried a young wife who had a new baby. Emily discussed her concern for Winnie who was quite small for her age, undernourished and very needy. The district nurse reported on a home visit where she found very bad hygienic conditions and an emotionally disturbed father (possibly due to lack of finances). Now that Winnie is attending the Mbagathi Steiner School her father is very happy for his daughters new chance with education and boarding care, and Winnie, according to Ndinda, the house mother, has settled in from the first day as if she had lived there all her life!

Eugene Evusa
D.O.B. 10/8/04

Tribal Group: Luhya

Eugene started attending SOH in 2006 when he was 2 yrs old.He was brought by his uncle who used to take care of him while the parents were admitted in the hospital.Eugene now stays with the parents who were tested and proved to be H.I.V. positive.His father struggles to earn money as a carpenter, while the mother remains at home. Eugene is a loving , happy and welcoming boy.He is also physically fit.

Sponsorship arranged by 'African Leaf' ( in April 2009 for education and boarding at the Mbagathi Steiner School, Masai Lodge Rd, Nairobi (


Brightlight Akinyi

D.O.B. December 2004

Tribal Group: Luo

Brightlight lives in Kawangware with her aunt Elizabeth Akinyi and her uncle Enoch Odovo. Both parents are deceased. Her aunt has casual work sewing clothes and her uncle is a casual carpenter. They have two children of their own, and they live in a two room house made of iron sheet walls and roof and a concrete floor. The toilet is outside and shared by other families. Brightlight has been attending SOH during 2009. Sponsorship has now been arranged by African Leaf in January 2010 for education and boarding at the Mbagathi Steiner School.

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